Douglas' Aster (Symphyotrichum subspicatum)

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Simply one of the best pollinator plants!

Most ornamental gardens are dominated by early spring and summer blooms, which is good for pollinators in the spring. But if you look around in the late summer or autumn, there are often very few plants blooming! This is where Douglas' Aster comes in - it is a late-blooming plant that is loved by many pollinators, and is easy to care for.

This is a very hardy plant that will do well as long as you have a bit of sun. In nature, it tends to be found in wetter areas, but once established, it is very tolerant of drought, and tolerates many different soil types. Plant it and marvel at the varieety of species that visit in late summer and autumn!

Symphyotrichum Subspicatum By Jan Smith -, CC BY 4.0

"douglas's aster" by davidbroadland