Baldhip Rose (Rosa gymnocarpa)

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An adaptable shrub that is excellent for birds!

This native rose has pink flowers in the spring, which develop into bright red fruit in the fall. Native roses have open flowers, which are great for pollinators - horticulturally modified roses tend to be more closed, which means pollinators can't access the flowers as well. Rose petals are edible, and are a great addition to tea. The fruits (hips) can be eaten too, and are very high in vitamin C. Watch for bumblebees who pollinate, birds who eat the hips and hide among the branches, and itty-bitty almost-invisible rose-gall wasps who create beautiful red galls in the wood!

Baldhip rose can be identified by its many small thorns (especially near the ground), and its hips, which lose their petals and become "bald".

"Rosa gymnocarpa" by John Leszczynski is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

"Rosa gymnocarpa" by Jeffrey Lee (he/him/his) is marked with CC0 1.0.