Bigleaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum)

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A big shady tree with plenty of wildlife value!

Bigleaf Maple is a very common tree in the pacific northwest, and has many benefits for all kinds of life! It has wide leaves and branches that provide shade for humans, along with a pleasant bark texture that makes it a great ornamental tree. It has flowers that provide pollen for pollinators in the spring, and large seeds that birds and mammals eat in the autumn. Bigleaf Maple also provides habitat for other plants - it is commonly covered in many types of moss, and Licorice Ferns grace Maple branches in the shady winter.

Bigleaf Maple is also the best native tree to tap for maple syrup!

Bigleaf Maples in Washington have been somewhat in decline due to recent hotter, drier summers. These are local-ecotype maples, from Puget Lowland seeds. We recommend these be planted where they will have plenty of water in the future.

"Acer macrophyllum" by MeganEHansen

"Acer macrophyllum 2" by Thayne Tuason

"Acer macrophyllum" by brewbooks