Douglas' Meadowfoam (Limnanthes douglasii)

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Low-growing multi-colored blooms! I can't believe it's not eggs!

Some mornings I walk out into the garden, look down, and think "Oh no! I left my eggs outside overnight! What an unusual but harmless accident!" And then, upon closer inspection, I realize that is not the case, I have not left poultry products outside. I am just looking at Douglas' Meadowfoam, also known as Poached Egg Plant.

Okay, to be honest, that has not happened to me. But these flowers really are intriguing, and really do look like poached eggs!

You know who doesn't get eggs and flowers confused? Syrphid flies. They love these flowers, but have never eaten any of the eggs I have offered them. They also love eating aphids. They also love to dress up like bees and do bee things! Flowers, aphids, bee masquarades. Those are things syrphid flies like. Not so much eggs.

Bees also love this flower! In particular, I tend to see various bumble bees (Bombus spp.) and mining bees (Andrena spp.) buzzing around.

Douglas' Meadowfoam is native to California and Oregon, but does well here in Seattle too.


Annual (one season)
Full sun to mostly sun
Moist, can dry out in summer
Low bunch, about 8 inches high
Multiple egg-colored (yellow surrounded by white ring) flowers across the plant
Bloom Period:
Spring through early summer
Native Range:
Oregon to California
Typical Habitat:
Moist meadows and vernal pools