Blueleaf Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana)

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Adaptable groundcover with delicious berries!

If you have grown strawberries, you know they can be sweeter than the ones you buy at the store. In our opinion though, these are even sweeter (though smaller) than your typical garden variety! This wild strawberry is one of two native species that were hybridized to create the domesticated strawberry (the other is Beach Strawberry, Fragaria Chiloensis).

The Blueleaf Strawberry can be found in all temperate regions of North America. A very adaptable plant, it grows in a wide variety of environments - in open meadows and prairies, shady woodlands, dry hillsides, and moist low areas. In all environments, it spreads by runners along the ground, twining between other vegetation. Blueleaf Strawberry blooms in mid to late spring, and its berries are ready to pick in early summer.

Photo Credit: By James St. John - Fragaria virginiana (wild strawberry) (Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, USA) 1, CC BY 2.0,

Photo Credit: By Jason Hollinger - Wild StrawberriesUploaded by Amada44, CC BY 2.0,

Photo Credit: By Jay Sturner from USA - Wild Strawberry, Virginia Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana), CC BY 2.0,

Perennial (multiple years)
Full sun to mostly shade
Moist to dry
Up to six inches
Bloom Period:
Mid to late spring
Soft, slightly hairy blue-green leaves, turning red in autumn
Native Range:
Across temperate regions of North America
Typical Habitat:
Adaptable - meadows, prairies, hills, woodlands, forest